Jun. 5th, 2010

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Title:  Black sheep stick together.: 
By Cat_13145
Pairings: Jason Todd, Roy Harper
Rating PG13, don't think there's anything too bad, but better to be safe.
Author's Notes: As I promised [info]shiny_glor_chan another chapter. She knows why.

Summary: What if Jason had found Roy and the cat instead of Dick?


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We were discussing Jason's hugs, and realised that he didn't get a lot of them. So in thanks for Red Hood Lost days, I present 5 people who hugged Jason before he died and five people who hugged him after he came back.
SPOILERS FOR RED HOOD LOST DAYS (but nothing massive)

Five people who hugged Jason


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Five people who hugged Jason got after he came back.


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Title: In the begining
Author: Cat_1345
Pairing: Union Jack/Destroyer
Summary:  My attempt to link up the Marvel Project's Union Jack with The destoryer. Full author's notes in the comments.

He was scum.

The lowest of the low. The sort of man men crossed the streets to avoid. A poison on England’s green shores.

Briefly, he glanced down at the man asleep in his arms. If he voiced these thoughts, Roger would protest, confused and saddened by Brian’s thoughts.

Then again he was confusing Roger a lot recently.

Sighing, he ran his fingers into the blonds’ hair, relishing the way even in sleep he leaned into him.

Roger thought this was about irritating and horrifying his father. He wasn’t sure whether to be relieved that Roger knew he would never be deceived by the propaganda being split by the Germans, or concerned that the man he loves thinks he’s that shallow. or stupid, he’s not sure which.

He expected Roger to protest when he told him he was going to Germany, but instead he arrived at the docks at Liverpool to find the other man waiting for him by the gang plank.

A quote ran though his head. Use me - but as your spaniel. Spurn me, strike me, neglect me, lose me, but give me leave, unworthy as I am, to follow you. It was ironic how much that seemed to fit Roger.

He sighed, thinking of the man in the back room at Oxford. of the photos and the subtle, veiled threats made against him, against his family, against Roger if he failed to co operate.

He thought of Jac, of her anger and pain at finding out he was gone, multiplied a thousand when she found out where he’d gone.

He could try to lie to himself, and claim that Jac would understand, that there were plenty from his year who agree with what the man said, that even Prime Minster Neville Chamberlin had negotiated with them. But he knew it was a lie, that Jac detested Fascists with all her strength. She had broken her friendship with the Mitford sisters, because of one of them’s association with such people.

He smiled to himself. Dear Jac, so solidly British, so solidly suspicious of new people, new ideas. He was surprised to find he wasn’t really worried about her. Jac would be alright, she was a survivor, though he had no idea what made him so sure of that.

He heard the horn in the distance, announcing the changing of the watch. He sighed, softly.

Soon they would arrive in Hamburg. From there the instructions were to take a car to Munich, where they would meet their contact. He shifted under his lover.

He didn’t like the sound of the contact, though he couldn’t come up with any rational reason why. Just something about it made his skin crawl. But under the circumstances, who was he to question orders?

He chuckled, softly to him. If Roger were awake, he’d tell him off for worrying about this, urge him to get some sleep, Remind him that together, there was nothing they couldn’t face.

Hugging Roger closer to his body, he settled down. Tomorrow they would be in Hamburg

Title: Promises, Promises
Author: Cat_1345
Pairing: Union Jack/Destroyer
Summary:  A lot less porny than the title suggests. Brian and Roger have a talk after they're reunited.


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Title: Marriage Part 3- The stag night

Author: Cat_13145

Pairing: Toro/Anne, hints of Toro/Bucky

Rating: PG 13

Warnings: Some mild swearing, I think that's it.

Summary: It's his stag night. so what is he doing at Bucky's grave?


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