Jan. 25th, 2011

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Series Title: Ripples
Authors: [info]cat_13145
Characters  Brian/Roger, Jeff Macey, References to Northstar and Billy/Teddy.
Rating: PG 13
Warnings: Some homophobia, and very depressed Roger. Reference to character death
Notes: The Fic Anibester helped on. Hope other people like it. It's based on Captain America Patriot 2, where Jeff Macey, as Patriot speaks at the funeral of a friend who was "Blue ticketed" (dismissed from the military for homosexuality). I was wondering what the effects of that on Roger and Brian would be, then other Marvel characters decided they wanted to speak. This is the result
 Summary: You can't control a ripple

Closets )



"Someone has to start them." )


Death of a dream )


Pyranic victory )


Dig for Victory )Effects Part 1: Born Normal )

Effects Part 2: History belongs to those who write it )


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Challenge: January 2011 Rewind - New York, Time, Formal Wear, Champagne and Theme Space

Title: New Year, New View
Pairing/Characters: Implied Don/Ian, Don/Robin, Charlie/Amita, David/Matt Li, Colby/Tim King,
Rating/Category: PG13
Word Count: 85,129, 217, 129, 284 (as the last few days have proven, I suck at word counts)
Spoilers: Cause and Effect
Summary: It's the FBI New Year Party, but two people don't feel much like celebrating
Warnings/Notes: My first proper atttempt at this and unbetaed. I wanted to have the first rewind fic of the new year. This came to me at 2 am at the start of January, and I completely blame [info]irena_adler for getting me hooked on David/Matt Li


Champagne for the New Year )


A tie like a bird with broken wings )

 Time and again )

Not enough space in the world )In a New York Minute )



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