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Firstly, Apologisies for being a community hog today. I have had loads of Invaders fic on my hard drive, but no time to post it. Now I have some time I'm taking advantage of it.

Title: In Vino Veritas
Author: Cat_13145

Pairing: Namor, Union Jack, Destroyer, Captain America

Rating: PG 13

Warnings: Some mild swearing, drunken Namor. That's it I think.

Summary: Who knew Namor would react so strongly to Damson gin?


“Unhand me, Cretan, or feel the fiery wrath of the Avenging son.”

Steve sighed and put down the book he’d been reading. From the sound of things, the others were back from town, and Namor had done something to annoy the Military police. Again.

He was forced to revise his opinion, however, when he heard a series of high pinched wails coming from the next room.

He grabbed his shield, not even considering he was in civilian clothes and raced out.

He wasn’t sure what he was expecting, the list of attackers ran from Nazi paratroopers, to brainwashed Howling commandoes, but it definitely did not involve seeing Namor wrestling with a hat stand.

Brian and Roger were standing behind him, looking distinctly sheepish.

“What happened?”

The two men exchanged a look before Brian said slowly. “Namor is feeling a little unwell.”

“Take that back, you starfish created buffoon!” came a cry from the pile, as a pale fist struck out though the coats. Steve bent down to try and help Namor to untangle himself, nearly reeling as the stench of alcohol hit him.

“What did he drink?” He demanded, reeling backwards as Brian eventually took pity on the fallen Atlantain and pulled him up right.


“Well, Just some Damson gin.”

“Damson gin?”

“We didn’t think he’d react so strongly.” Brian had come to his friend’s defence. “Honestly, it’s the first time I’ve seen anyone over the age of 12 get drunk on a glass of Damson gin.”

“The Seabiscuit’s landlord’s wife has had a good crop of them this year.” Roger explained, grabbing at Namor, who seemed determined to continue his fight with the hat stand. “She saw a method of making her alcohol go a little further, and she likes Namor. Let him have one on the house.”

Steve paused, torn between his desire to lecture them, and his understanding that there was nothing they could have done. No one, Namor included, could have guessed he would react like this.

“Do you need any help?” he asked, gesturing towards the stairs. Brian snorted.

“With all due respect, Captain, I was at Oxford. This,” He pulled Namor up slightly, who seemed to have slipped into a doze. “is easy. It’s when they want to swim in the Thames in January there’s a problem.”

“That was one time, and I don’t recall you objecting too violently,” Roger interrupted.

Steve paused. “You’re sure?”

“Go back to your book, Captain.” Brian’s voice was calm. “We’ve got this.” He paused, and added “Though we better hurry_” He didn’t finish before Namor suddenly heaved, throwing what looked suspiciously like the previous evening stew all over the carpet. And Steve.

There was a moment of complete silence, before Brian picked up Namor.

“Could have been worse.” Roger observed. “She originally offered him a Martini.

Brian glared at him. “Best to let him sleep it off.” He offered, starting up the stairs, while Roger guided Steve to the Kitchen.

Steve was quick to reassure Roger that he was fine, that he didn’t need any help, and to suggest that Brian might.

He found the other man sitting on the edge of Namor’s bed, forcing the hybrid to lie on his side.

“So are you going to tell him?”

Brian’s eyes blazed. “No and you’re not either.” He sighed. “He’ll blame himself and that won’t help anyone. This is something Namor has to figure out on his own.”

“But...the stuff he was saying...” Roger trailed off, his face still pale at the memory of Namor’s rant against the surface world.

“it was the drink. He didn’t mean it.” Brian said, too firmly, like he was trying to convince himself of the truth.


Brian turned to him, blue eyes blazing. “It was the drink, Roger. Nothing more.”



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