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Title: Soldier Boys
Author: Cat_13145
Pairing: Don/Ian
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Mentions of homophobia and homophobic langague. Sorry for forgetting this last night, I think I was half alseep and just copied and paste without thinking. I'm sorry if anyone was offended.
Summary: AU Ian Edgerton is the first person Don meets after being shipped off to military school
Author's Note: Apologisies for the delay, I was hoping to get this betaed before posting. But there has been a distinct lack of Don/Ian out there. This is posted thanks to [info]jestana  and [info]cerealkiller0, both of whom asked for a sequel to my  [info]numb3rs_newyear fic for [info]cerealkiller0. Hope she still thinks I'm the coolest author. This is the last chapter,Thanks and Enjoy!

Chapter 5
He stood beneath the statue of the school’s founder, carefully lifting the cigarette and lighter he’d flinched from his father.
Slowly he moved the lighter towards the cigarette. A small stone flew through the air, knocking it to the ground.
“Thought I told you not to do that.” Ian said, standing leaning against the wall.
“Security cameras sweep every twenty two minutes, right?” he said, trying to ignore the sweaty feel in his gut.
“Yeah.” Ian sighed. “If you’re going to beat me up, just get over with.”
He shrugged. “Don’t need to wait for cameras to finish scans. No one’s going to care.”
Ian looks defeated, just standing there, his arms hanging by his side, not even bothering to attempt to defend himself it was now or never.
He reached forward, surprising himself at Ian closing his eyes, as though he couldn’t bear to see where the blow was coming from.
He slipped his hand around the back of Ian’s head and pulled him close. His lips locked with Ian’s.
Ian struggled, initially apparently confused by this. But slowly he relaxed, taking the initiative and deepening the kiss.
They kissed for a few moments, before Ian pulled away.
“Got about twelve seconds to get out of here?”
Don blinked. “Camera won’t be back for another 10 minutes.”
“Maybe.” Ian agreed. “But what I want to do to you, definitely get us thrown out if anyone sees.”
“So what really happened?” Don asked. They were lying on a blanket that was hidden in Ian’s box, a blanket that mysteriously appeared a couple of days after their first kiss.
It’s after lights out and if anyone catches them they’ll be in trouble, but they’re seniors now, it doesn’t seem important anymore.
Ian shrugged. “Does it matter?”
“No. Yeah.” He sighed. “I know you wouldn’t attack a guy for no reason. Just want to know what that reason was.”
Ian tried to pull away, but Don’s arms are holding him steady.
“What do you think?”
He looks up into Ian’s eyes and knows exactly what happened, or what tried to happen.
Ian’s eyes turn on him, blazing. “If you try and tell me you’re sorry, swear to god I’ll punch you.”
“Well I am.” He paused, running his fingers along Ian’s muscles. “Thinking about joining the FBI. I’ll find the guy who_”
Ian snorted. “Dead. Died a couple of years after I left.”

“They said it was an accident.”

“But you don’t believe it.”
Ian shrugged. “They always told us vengeance is mine, I will repayth sayth the lord.” He sighed. “One of the kids’s decided he was taking too long.”
Don cards his fingers through Ian’s hair. It’s technically longer than regulations allow, but even the instructor’s don’t comment. “You thought what you going to do after graduation?”
Ian’s eyes have something that’s not quite pity in them. “You know the answer.”
“Doesn’t mean I like it.”
Ian sighed. “Don, it’s what I’m meant to do. I can’t put any better than that.”
“To kill people?” He freezes for a moment. Professor Aitkin’s has the office now, and he’s nowhere near as deaf as Stonewall was.
“A sniper saves lives.” Ian said, regoing over an argument they’ve had since they were first taught to shoot. “The sacrifice of the few for the many.”
Don sighed. “So where does that leave us?”
Ian smiled, in what Don had come to think of as his smile; one of the few Ian gave that reached his eyes. “Exactly where we are now.” He shrugged. “Let the future take care of itself.”
The airport gate is crowded. Don can see families holding up banners with Welcome Home written in various levels of calligraphy. Kids run around, tripping up everyone.
Their mothers call automatically at them to behave, all their attention focused on the gates or the big clock above it.
He envies them.
They can run forward, grab their man, and hold him close after months away. They can kiss here and not care who sees.
If Don is lucky, he’ll be able to get a buddy hug, but they can’t let it last too long.
Ian is the army’s top sniper and there’s always someone who wants to pull a god from his pedestal.
If the new act went through...but he wasn’t hopeful. As his dad said, there was nearly year between “I have a dream” and the Civil Rights Act.
He catches David Sinclair staring at him, and grins. David’s in the same boat, possibly worse as Colby’s too paranoia even for a hug. A handshake if David’s lucky.
The gates open and for a moment it’s madness.
The field agent in Don longs to take control of the situation, but he’s too busy scanning the crowd.
Suddenly, he sees him.
Black hair, as ever longer than any of the other soldier boys jostling him, dark eyes watching everyone and at the same time searching for the right person, Chinese Characters on both shoulders now, not that you could see that through the green T-shirt.
He watches as their eyes meet and Ian’s eyes smile.
He pushes through the crowd, pulling Don into a hug.
Don grins, unable to stop himself again.
“Welcome Home.”
Ian’s eyes are dancing. “It sure is.”


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