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Challenge: January 2011 Rewind - New York, Time, Formal Wear, Champagne and Theme Space

Title: New Year, New View
Pairing/Characters: Implied Don/Ian, Don/Robin, Charlie/Amita, David/Matt Li, Colby/Tim King,
Rating/Category: PG13
Word Count: 85,129, 217, 129, 284 (as the last few days have proven, I suck at word counts)
Spoilers: Cause and Effect
Summary: It's the FBI New Year Party, but two people don't feel much like celebrating
Warnings/Notes: My first proper atttempt at this and unbetaed. I wanted to have the first rewind fic of the new year. This came to me at 2 am at the start of January, and I completely blame [info]irena_adler for getting me hooked on David/Matt Li


Looking around, all he could see were couples.

Don Eppes dancing with his fiancé under the disco ball.

He grabbed a glass of champagne off a passing waiter

H brother Charlie, hand in hand with his new wife, talking to Liz and her date.

He drank it, not waiting for midnight.

Nicky snogging her latest guy in a corner.

He felt sick.

Colby Granger and Tim King, sitting close together, not exactly touching, but not not touching either.

He had to get out of here.



Matt staggered out on to the roof, breathing the cooler air deeply.

“Fuck you, David Sinclair.” He muttered, swaying slightly as he walked across “Fuck You!”

It was David’s fault he was here alone, David’s fault he hadn’t had a relationship in months, cause he was holding out hope that the idiot might come out and acknowledge him. Instead, the bastard had run away to Washington.

Frustrated, he wandered over to the edge of the roof, and stood looking down. Angrily, he tore the bowtie off his tux and held it out, letting it drop.

It fell, fluttering like a bird, before it vanished into the dark. Like David.

He leant further forward, trying to see it in the darkness.

“He’s not worth it.” Said a voice behind him.


“Why?” Matt asked, after a pause. “We’re intelligent, reasonable attractive guys. We should be able to find someone out there who appreciates us.”

Ian glanced at him, and for the first time that evening, Matt saw an expression that made sense on the sniper’s face, the one he normally gave to someone who he felt had made a stupid or meaningless suggestion.

“Because it wouldn’t be them.” He paused, uncertain. “You ever think about following him?”

Matt shrugged, “Not really an option.” He replied, hoping Ian won’t push. The other man nodded, before speaking.

“If you love something, let it go. If it doesn’t come back you never had it.”

“Man who said that had evidently never being in our situation.” Matt observed tartly. The sniper shrugged.


Two heads spun around.

Don was standing in the doorway, framed by the light.

“If you want a lift back to your motel…”
Ian’s eyes narrowed. “What about Robin?”

Don’s eyes lock with Ian’s as he says. “She’s not an issue.”

Matt wonders what happened down stairs. Ian’s obviously thinking the same think, as he stared at Don for a few minutes before nodding.

“O.K. Eppes.”

He got slowly to his feet, and Matt watched the sniper’s mask slide back into place. He wondered if Don saw it.

“Hey Ian?”

The other man turned slightly as he fumbled ot find a piece of paper in his tux and scribbled his number down on it.

“If you want to talk…”

What Matt had heard referred to as “Edgerton’s superior bastard” smile lit up the other man’s face.

“Any time, Li.”

As the door closed, Matt got a small thrill hearing Don ask. “What was that all about?”



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