Gah, I'm low on word count totals...

Jul. 20th, 2017 08:34 pm
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...which usually happens when I go on vacation. I get in the habit of not writing much and then have to ramp back up. So, yeah, tomorrow and this weekend will be a ramp up because I'd kind of like to be done with the 3 novels in 3 months challenge.

That said, I am enjoying the current novel. Jaden is cute and causal. Padma is formal and serious and blushes every time Jaden flirts. They're both seriously forceful personalities and man, I might even get a sex scene or two into this story if they go the way I think they are. Whoot! It's been AGES since I got to write sex scenes! :D

I did not get my steps today because my hubby has apparently come down with the cold I had a while back. He's feeling mungy and heading for miserable. Lovely. I was hoping that it would pass him by since it hadn't hit in so long but no luck there.

Not much else happening right now, honestly.

Goals for tomorrow include writing more than 1200 words (like 2500 words or more), getting my steps and exercises, taking care of the hubby (as much as possible given that I'll be at work all day) and getting groceries. Because tomorrow is grocery day.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

I'm home

Jul. 19th, 2017 08:28 pm
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Well, I got home yesterday but I was so tired after the drive that I just didn't get around to posting. Also didn't get around to getting this week's story ready for publication so there'll be another gap of a week. Next week though!

Work was insane once I got back. I thought I left good instructions but nope, not good enough. I need to do some cross training so the next time I go away (my birthday in September or October for a week-long seminar) I won't come back to a desk piled high with orders.

My own fault for not checking with my backup to make sure she knew what to do.

The trip itself was lovely. The drive down to Lincoln City, Or was nasty. Heavy traffic for a good 2/3 the way. But it was quiet and calm and relaxing once we got there. We visited Tillamook, saw the Air Museum there (super cool place, look it up--well worth visiting especially for history buffs), the Tillamook factory for lunch, ice cream and goodies (including far too much fudge), and then went back to Lincoln City. Second day we went on a hike to a really beautiful waterfall with a bouncy bridge, then drove down to Agate Beach which had no agates at all. Lots of sand and 25 mph winds but no agates. That was okay because we went back to Lincoln City and I found a slew of agates on the beach there.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with them. No clue yet. I'll figure it out eventually. Suggestions welcome as always from those who know how to handle agates.

Then we drove home yesterday and collapsed.

I got writing every day, not much but a little, keeping my streak alive. I just finished Chapter 3 of the new lesbian romance. Jaden's ex-date the Jerk Ravinder just got tased for being a jerk. I get to open the next chapter with Jaden whining because she messed everything up. Should be fun to write, provided I get the time to write much tomorrow.

Goals for tomorrow include exercises (because I've put on 3 pounds in the last month, damn it), writing (lots, please), too much work and not enough time, and making BBQ chicken with... something. Not sure what else yet.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!


Jul. 14th, 2017 08:35 pm
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I got feedback on my first novel and it's derailed me nicely. I mean, he didn't say anything mean at all and made it very clear that it wasn't his cup of tea but apparently the opening was weak and he skimmed more than read.


And I thought I had a good strong opening. I'm going to have to go back and work on that. You know, after I finish my third novel. The one I'm on is bugging me. It feels very flat and bland. Which, you know, derailed so I'm not surprised. So instead of working on that I started a completely different novel, intending on writing lesbians falling in love but it went sideways on me so yeah. Stopped that one after about 800 words.

At least I got the collection uploaded everywhere. That's one good thing.

I'm not going to let it stop me. I'm just going to sleep on it and then fix the problems.


Anyone want to read a first draft SF adventure with lesbians, flying oriental dragon-aliens, brain worms and saving the universe? I'd love a second (third, fourth) opinion on this thing.

Either way, tomorrow the hubby and I are going off on a trip together. Not far, driving distance, just away for a couple of days for his birthday.

So goals for tomorrow include getting up earlier than I'd like, driving a good chunk of the day, eating really good food and getting at least 500 words written on either the Save the World Quest or Lesbians in Love novels.

Off to pouting in the bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!


Jul. 11th, 2017 08:33 pm
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Man, I'm pooped. Busy day at work, thus not much writing done. I got 1000 words on the novel, delving into Prince Jaswinder's mind this time. I wanted to get more but it just wasn't possible. Eyes are burning and I'm too tired.

I did manage to get most of the preliminary file for this week's collection put together. I still have an author's note, a foreword and an afterword to write but hey, the stories are in there. That's what counts. I'll try to finish that and get the cover done tomorrow, maybe get the ebook version too.

Goals for tomorrow (since I'm pooped and don't want to write any more) are to write, work on the collection, exercises and make breakfast for dinner.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!
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I never did get my sleep schedule fully fixed so I'm tired today.

Despite that, I got a full day's work which included an audit and lots of running around. Probably another part of why I'm so tired.

I got 2200 words written on the third of my 3 novels. I've gotten the first complication in and will be complicating it further in the next chapter. I don't know yet how much work I'll be putting into developing relationships versus action but it's me. I suspect there'll be more relationship and personal development than headlong action on this one. But it might be by a hair. I'm also not sure how long this one will be. I'm just finished with Chapter 4 and it feels like I'm barely begun. More like chapter 2. So yeah, length and focus to be determined as I write.

Not much else happened today. Just work and life and all.

Goals for tomorrow include writing more, actually getting started on the collection for this week, exercises and making pasta for dinner.

Off to bath and early bed for me--goodnight everyone!

Seattle was fun

Jul. 9th, 2017 09:02 pm
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We didn't get out of the house as quickly as we intended but that was all right. We still made it to Seattle early enough to have breakfast at the German deli. Always love their food. Then we wandered around Pike Place Market. I got more essential oils (fig, tangerine and peach, all of which smell lovely). We wandered down to the seafront and checked out how things have changed there. Then we got fresh corn (really tasty!), bought polish sausage and breakfast sausage and pretzels at the deli, and I had an ice cream cone.

Homeward after that with a quick stop at the mall for spices as we'd run out of the one mix I wanted to use for dinner tonight. Beef country style ribs which turned out very well, really. I have some left for lunch tomorrow so that's good.

Then I tried to help a friend of mine figure out a better hosting site than Photobucket but we didn't have a lot of success. She's been hosting her pictures over there but they won't allow 3rd party display of the pictures anymore so that's shot. Any suggestions are very welcome on that front but it has to be free. Neither of us is made of money.

Dreamwidth, by the way, is a partial success. Icons work. Pictures do not. *sigh*

Then I wrote another chapter on my third 3 novels in 3 months story. Classic quest structure is fun. I'm going to have to start throwing conflicts and obstacles in their way.

Goals for tomorrow is work (ugh), writing (as much as I can), get the collection ready for publishing (since I didn't get it last week), exercises and steak for dinner.

Off to bath and bed for me--I still don't have my sleep schedule back in order but that can't be helped. Tomorrow will see me back on track, guaranteed. Stupid alarm clock...

Goodnight everyone!

Went hiking today...

Jul. 8th, 2017 08:16 pm
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...and got to see ice caves. Which will probably be really super-cool later in the summer after more snow has melted. There's a spot just about an hour's drive from my house where you can hike up 1.5 miles and reliably see ice caves during the summer. We've lived here for 20 years and never once went.

Which is ridiculous.

So last month we went and nope, too much snow. No ice caves yet. Today we went and hey, cool! There were ice caves. And let me tell you, the wind off the snow was literally like stepping into a freezer. There were spots, in the sun mind you, where you went from high seventies down to mid-fifties in one or two paces. Super neat and a really easy hike, too.

So that was a thing.

Then I got some writing done, farted around the house, made homemade pizza with pepperoni and Canadian bacon, and did even more writing.

I finished the third chapter of the 3rd novel and hey! I finally know what the story's about. :D

It's going to be a quest to save the world from destruction with a race against time. Because that's what I want to write about and its sort of the same theme as the other two books I wrote this summer. *shrug* I think I just like writing races against time when the stakes are really high.

I also introduced the last character, Nasim, who's a seer. I'm thinking that Nasim and Lord Cyan are going to end up as a thing but we'll see. I don't know yet how or if there'll be romance of any variety. Other than Duda flirting with women who aren't interested in him and Celeste flirting with Tai who's very definitely not interested in sex at all. XD

Tomorrow, the hubby and I are going down to Pike's Place Market to get sausage and bratwurst from the German delicatessen. I'll probably also get some more essential oils (I kind of want some citrus smells) and we'll likely hit Lush too. Because Lush.

So, goals for tomorrow include going to Seattle, writing another chapter (preferably two), and making country style beef ribs for dinner.

Off to bath and bed as I struggle to get my sleep schedule back on track before work on Monday.

Goodnight everyone!
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Because I just didn't get the collection put together today.

I did get groceries and then do some very frustrating research into 'also boughts' for my books on Amazon. Which was frustrating because I've sold so few books that I don't have any also boughts. Also viewed, sometimes. For a lot of my books there's not even that. The field is just blank, nothing for me to go on.

Worse, the sponsored ads showing up on some of my more recent books are completely different genres than what the story is so something's definitely honked there.

I really need to start getting the word out about my books but it's terrifically hard to know how and where to find / cultivate a readership when all the advice I've gotten so far requires either a) money which I don't have or b) a basic idea of my readers which don't exist.


Oh well, I'll just have to keep at it.

I did get another chapter done on the new novel. I introduced a new character who's a ton of fun to write and I got them all to the meeting with the Prince of the title, Jaswinder Jez. Still no idea where the story is going to go but hey, I'm only just finished with chapter two.

Goals for tomorrow are to go hike up to see the ice caves north of our house, fix our grill which needs new burners and a new igniter, lots of writing and more research into how to actually start finding readers.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!


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