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Title: The Talk
Author:[ profile] cat_13145
Warnings: Slash, Dick/Roy, Bucky/Toro, hints of Bruce/Clark and Tim/Kon
Rating: PG 13
 A/N: written in sequel to this fic: (, but you don't have to have it for this to make sense. Just read if you're curious what Oracle's camera's picked up.
 Beta: truthiness_aura,
Summary: Bruce Tries to give Tim "The Talk."


You're planning to do what? )


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Title: Conversations with a broom cupboard
Author: <lj user="cat_13145">
Rating: PG 13
Pairings/Characters: Steve/Tony, Sharon/Sam.
A/N: Inspired by this fic, which, while it is Bobby/Jean Paul, is written in entirely in dialogue, which is what I tried to do here. It didn’t work entirely, but I still think people might like it.
Summary: Title pretty much says it all.



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Series Title: Renegade Part 2: Under the Hood
Part Title: Anniversary
Author: [info]cat_13145
I finally have a beta (does little dance) Green Galands
Rating: Pg-13
Disclaimer: If I owned them, you think Battle for the Cowl would have happened?
Summary:  A New Player watches a Titan Celebration
Author's Notes: This starts about three years after the end of the last arc.

Part 1 Anniversary



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Title: Comparisons
Author: [info]cat_13145
</lj>Characters and/or pairings: Tony Stark/Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark/Steve Rogers
Rating: NC-17, but it's probably lower

Disclaimer: If they were mine, both universes would be nicer places at the moment! And Steve and Bruce would still be alive!
Summary: Tony Compares his two lovers
I should be revising for my exams, not posting this, but if we fan girls did what we were supposed to, there would be No fan fiction. Previously posted at [info]cap_ironman

With Bruce everything was a battle... )

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Title: Finding Out (Part 1)

Author: Cat_13145

Rating: PG /R
Word Count: 438
Charcters: All of the male Robins (sorry Steph fans, I haven't read her enough to do her voice), Bruce/Clark Implied
Author's Notes: "A Sight for Sore Eyes" by ladybugkay inspired this fic, especially Tim's reaction. This is my first attempt at Bruce/Clark, Takes place in a wonderful world, where the Robins are mostly all together and aren't trying to kill each other (more than any normal brothers) and the shortest multipart fic I've ever written, so please let me know if shorter really is better.

Summary: How the Robins found out
Disclaimer: I don't own them. If I did, this would be cannon.



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Title: Finding Out (Part 2)

Author: Cat_13145

Rating: PG /R
Word Count: 427
Charcters:Supergirl (Kara Clark), Bruce/Clark Implied
Author's Notes: Full blame for this chapter to Fictional knight, for the idea of Clark having a bat tattoo (The Full Batty) and untitledno8 "and so we meet and there are sparks" that made me decided to use Kara for the Superpoint of view. Orginally it was going to be Kon, but I decided that would be too weird. This is my first attempt at Bruce/Clark, and is  the shortest multipart fic I've ever written, so please let me know if shorter really is better.

Summary: How Kara found out.
Disclaimer: I don't own them. If I did, this would be cannon.



Kara tried not to feel guilty about spying on her cousin )
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Title: Finding Out (Part 3)

Author: Cat_13145

Rating: PG /R
Word Count: 427
Charcters:Alfred, Bruce/Clark, Bruce/Harvey, Bruce/Tony Stark, Bruce/OMC Implied
Author's Notes: Alfred is Awesome, and before he was Batman's Butler he was a secret agent. The description of Tony Stark/Bruce Wayne belongs to elsphedixon about a fic I wrote, and descripton of Bruce's relationships in general was inspired by loquila's Clark Kent verus Pink Kryptonite.

Summary: Butlers know best.
Disclaimer: I don't own them. If I did, this would be cannon.



It had been a long time since )
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Title: Ironically
Chapter 5

Rating: Currently NC 17

Word Count: 2436
Beta Used:
[profile] [profile] saphirerose1986 I have no idea why she puts up with me, I'm just pleased she does.
Archive: Yes Please
Warning: Contains references to eating disorders.
Summary: The Robins, Steve and Tony start to get the help they need.
A/N Conversation between Rhodey and Bruce inspired by Mask in the Iron man, and simmysim's fic Privelege and Duty.

Brief note: Fred Davis was the kid who replaced Bucky.  You can read all about him here. The events described by Fred Davis happened only in my imagination, though I will be posting a version of them if anyone is interested.


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Title: Runaways: End of Innocence
Author:[personal profile] cat_13145
Disclaimer: Marvel owns it all!
Comic: Runaways
Spoilers: None. It's an AU
Rating: Probably best to be PG-13. No Warnings currently, but watch this space.
Wordcount: 717
Summary: What if Alex had kept his mouth shut when he found out about Pride?
Author's Notes: This is the start of what I hope will be an AU Universe. It contains two OC SHIELDs. More about them will be revealed in later chapters.


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