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Title: The pen is mightier than the sword


Rating: PG 13

Paring: Bucky/Toro, other invaders and Avengers present.

Summary: For Prompt "
In response to rumors about their sexuality that have surfaced again and that are being denied, again, by politicians and the military, Toro asks Bucky if he can out them both as homosexual historical figures so long as he doesn't out Bucky as being alive again "

Author's Notes: Massive thanks to  mintriddel, who in addition to being a wonderful artist saved this fic. It had been sitting on my disk, because I couldn't find a way to make it end well. I sent it to Mintriddell, who sent it back with some helpful suggestions, that gave me the answer of how to finish it. It's not the fic I expected, but I think, I hope, it still works. So thanks Mint.

The people Roger talks with areV Battlion. ELizabeth is Elizabeth Barstow, a.k.a the Silver Scorpion She suffers from  Alzheimer's disease, early stages the last time she appeared in comics, but that was some time ago. Darren is Topspin, grandson of the original Human Top, and Fred Davis is , of course the second Bucky. You don't have to know any of this to follow the story, it's just f.y.i.


At least they didn't get the picture of Steve in a dress. )

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Title: More comfortable
Author: Cat_13145
Pairing: Nick Fury and His Howlin' Commandoes
Rating: PG 13
Warnings: 1940's racial and homophobic attitudes. Use of One word, which I know to be offense, but was in use at the time. Possibly mild references to anti semitic attitudes (Basically, it's a fic of 1940's)

 Nick assumes that the whole 'don't have sex with other guys' thing is just another silly army regulation that doesn't apply to him or anyone under his command.


The army had a lot of stupid regulations... )


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