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Title: What were they like?
Author: Cat_13145

Pairing: The Invaders

Rating: PG 13

Warnings: None I think

Summary: To understand our relationship with Namor, you have to understand our relationship with the rest of the Invaders

Author's note:
I swear, I didn't know [ profile] ani_bester was planning to do the same idea. This just came to me a couple of days ago and refused to shut up.


It was losing Toro that did it for Namor )


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Title: Don't wait up, or "what happened to the kid Commandos?"
Summary: What happened to the Kid Commandos when they found out about Steve and Bucky's death.
Author's Note: I have no beta and I am currently on a computer that feels like it belongs in the stone age. Would log off, but the library has a no re login within the hour policy and I don't have time. So sorry if this is crap. I'll try and do better for next month.



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Title: Three strikes and you’re out. Or Three Times Bucky Barnes felt let down by his country.

Rating: PG 13

Summary: Three Times Bucky Barnes felt let down by his country and one time they let him down.

Author’s notes: I’ll be honest and say in my fandom; Steve is the patriot one, the one who believes completely (or mostly completely) in what his country is doing. Bucky is…a little less sure, partly cos of his age, partly cos of his role in the Invaders, and partly cos Steve is Steve.

I know not everyone sees it that way, and this is written mainly cos it wouldn’t shut up.


Note The opinions of the fictional and the non-fictional characters used in this story are belong to those characters NOT the author.



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5 times Toro flew and one time he fell.

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5 dances Roger had and one he didn’t

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Title: Four Times Toro got Drunk cos of Bucky Barnes and One Time he didn’t.
Author Cat_13145
Fandom & Pairing Invaders, poss one sided Bucky/Toro
Rating PG War themes and Toro's mouth.
Author's Notes: Full credit to devilc Whose comment fic at the end of Blood Runs Red, White and Blue inspired number 3. Also to Ani_bester whose last second to last fic inspired number 5 and fic before that inspired 2. You guys Rule!
Warnings underage drinking, questionable langague and War themes.
Summary: What the Title says, Four Times Toro got drunk cos of Bucky and one time he didn't
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