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N.B. this technically takes place in current community, but as it primarily references events from the Invaders and it's immediate future, I'm posting here.
If anyone disagrees, let me know.

Title: Ghosts
Author: Me
Warnings: Volience against properties, and spoilers for anyone who doesn't know what's being happening since Cap 25 (can you let me know where you've been living if this is you? I'd like to join you.)
Summary: Expressions of Pain.

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Title: Dare Devil
Author: me, your friendly neighbourhood moderator
Pairing: Bucky/Toro (Implied), Davey/Gwennie (Implied),
Characters: All Kid Commandoes (see here if you don't know, But Toro, Bucky, Davey, Gwennie), Captain America, Union Jack, Sergeant Duffy, Kaprov...think that's everyone.
Warnings: None
Summary: I

It was enviable really.

What did they honestly expect leaving 4 bright teenagers on their own with no supervision and nothing to occupy them?



dare devil, dare devil, I dare you to do what the dare devil tells you to. )




Food Colouring )


Itching powder )cold water )Truth )

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2009-10-11 04:09 pm (UTC) Delete Screen Freeze Track This


A Couple of Notes for this Fic.
Green food colouring was used to mark meat unfit for human consumption, so would have been easy to get hold of.
Rose Sips are used in itching powder, but during the war they were also used in syrups owning to their high Victatim C Content.
Ice Houses are a common feature of manor houses in Britain (and poss else where, but I don't know for certain). While there is no evidence for Union Jack's Ancestal home to have one, there's equally no evidence against.
And finally, in my fandom, Davey is in love with Gwennie. Don't know where I get that from, except possibly that I agree with [Bad username: ani bester] about Toro's sexuality, and Bucky is shown to have a girl, so that just leaves Davey.
Let me know what you think.



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