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Title: First Flight
Author: [info]cat_13145
Universe: 616
Rating G
Wordcount: 1100
Warnings: None
Author’s Note: this fic takes places after the Avenger’s first fight with Namor after Captain America is defrosted. I’m not completely sure of the issue number, but I hope people still enjoy it.

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Title: A Whole New World
Author/Artist: Cat_13145
Pairing(s): Don/Edgeton
Rating: Pg 13, just because it's slash but don't think there's anything too bad
Summary: drabble-Watching Disney films
Notes/Warnings: unbetaed. This is for [info]cerealkiller0

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N.B. this technically takes place in current community, but as it primarily references events from the Invaders and it's immediate future, I'm posting here.
If anyone disagrees, let me know.

Title: Ghosts
Author: Me
Warnings: Volience against properties, and spoilers for anyone who doesn't know what's being happening since Cap 25 (can you let me know where you've been living if this is you? I'd like to join you.)
Summary: Expressions of Pain.

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It's an entry for the October Challenge at [info]colby_don(as the title suggests). If I've done anything wrong, please let know and I'll try and correct it.

Title: Ghosts
Author/Artist: [info]cat_13145
Pairing(s): Don/Colby
Rating: PG 13
Summary: He doesn't tell anyone, but he still sees them
Notes/Warnings: M/M, supernatural elements, don't think there's anything else.
Disclaimer: If you recognise them, they're not mine.
At least half credit to my beta, Lady Merlin.

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Here's why Fury was so mad.
Title: Revelations
Author: [info]cat_13145
Characters: Teresa Locket (Fury's personal secretary), Nick Fury, Stark/Rogers implied.
AN: A very short piece, a drabble in all but name. Inspired by Pradise Found by Fire Tears (
Summary Teresa had learnt a lot while working as Fury's Personal Secretary...
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Title: Conversations with a broom cupboard
Author: <lj user="cat_13145">
Rating: PG 13
Pairings/Characters: Steve/Tony, Sharon/Sam.
A/N: Inspired by this fic, which, while it is Bobby/Jean Paul, is written in entirely in dialogue, which is what I tried to do here. It didn’t work entirely, but I still think people might like it.
Summary: Title pretty much says it all.



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Title: Comparisons
Author: [info]cat_13145
</lj>Characters and/or pairings: Tony Stark/Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark/Steve Rogers
Rating: NC-17, but it's probably lower

Disclaimer: If they were mine, both universes would be nicer places at the moment! And Steve and Bruce would still be alive!
Summary: Tony Compares his two lovers
I should be revising for my exams, not posting this, but if we fan girls did what we were supposed to, there would be No fan fiction. Previously posted at [info]cap_ironman

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Written to explain the inconsistencies in the story of Jason's Mother.
Warning contains references to Suicide, HIV/AIDs, Postitution, Drugs and various other not nice things.


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