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Title: Bones of the Earth
Author/Artist: [info]cat_13145Pairing(s): Don/Colby (preslash), The team, various OCs
Rating: PG 13
Summary: What if Colby had taken the Washington posting
Notes/Warnings: Cross with Bones, but you don't have to seen any episodes of that for this to make sense. Terri Hunt is no relation to Terri Lake. I only realised that I used the same name, once she'd become a full character in my head, and she refused to let me change her name, so sorry.
Beta:  [info]cerealkiller0



Chapter 2

Colby was good in interrogations.  No matter what problems that Don had with the man, he never doubted his skills.

However compared to Terri, he was an amateur.

He had initially been reluctant to let Terri back in, pointing out that she’d been shot the day before.

Terri’s response had been “I’m in the same room as you, aren’t I?”

Colby had glared at her, but Don had to admit, she knew what she was doing.

Slemen was talking to her, which was what Sinclair had been trying to get him to do since last night.

“She was hurting. Wouldn’t tell me who hurt her. I just didn’t want her to be in pain.”

“Just tell us what happened. Help us to understand.”

“She wanted it to stop. Said she didn’t care how. First time she talked about it, I laughed, tried to pass it off as a joke you know? But she wouldn’t shut up about it.”

“About what?” The ice blue eyes stared past Terri, through to where Don was standing, watching.

“Killing herself.”

“He’s claiming what?” Miranda stared out of the webcam at them.

“Unfinished suicide pact.” Colby said, trying not to look self conscious as he talk to the screen. For some reason this felt so much more normal in Washington. “Said Ororo killed herself and he was planning to do so as well.”

“And how does he explain Rogers?”

Megan leant in. “The line between suicide and homicide is extremely thin. If Slemen was serious about killing himself and Rogers turn up, he might have shot him under the same depressive feelings.”

Terri interrupted before Miranda had a chance to give her opinion on shrinks. “Bottom line is, does the evidence agree? Blood's being there too long to give us much, so Ororo is the only witness we’ve got.”

She’d hope it would calm Miranda down, but watched as the woman’s expression tightened.

“I’m to pass you over to Booth. He can explain why we don’t even have an estimated time of death yet.”

“Do I need alcohol?”

Miranda actually smiled at Terri. “Possibly.”


“Wait! Wait! How did the monkeys get hold of the peanut butter?” David asked, struggling not to laugh. Terri grimaced.

“Booth’s kid, Parker. They had custody for the day and with us down here, he had to go into the lab with Bones. FBI mix up means the monkeys arrive and start throwing stuff everywhere, so the whole lab has to be disinfected and thus we can’t get anything until tomorrow.” She flopped into a chair frowning.

“Didn’t Charlie do some fluid dynamic stuff that’s pretty close to this?” Megan asked.

“Yeah.” David agreed, “Yeah, something about movement of fluids, allowing for the reconstruction of the origin point.”

Terri glanced at the clock and rolled her eyes, but Colby said, “Must be why he was at our hotel yesterday.”

Hating herself for using such an obvious ploy, Terri added. “Yeah, he wanted the measurements we took from the blood stains. I told him he’d have it.” She pretended to glance at the clock. “Shit, five minutes ago.”

“Here,” David said, standing up, “I’ll give you a lift to Cal Sci.”

“Thanks.” She glanced at Colby. “You O.K. to try and smooth things over with Bones?”

Colby shrugged. “I’ll try.” The weird pain-reluctance look that had been on his face when they’d arrive here was back, making Terri wince.

She had to hope that she was doing the right thing here. And that Colby would forgive her.



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